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This .45-caliber has long been considered “the gun that won the West.”   Noted for its power and reliability, it was the most popular full sized revolver of the late 1800s.  Turned out by the Colt Fire Arms Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut, it sold for $17 by mail order.  A classic single action revolver, it remains in production today.

The “First Generation” Single Action Colts were the ones made from 1873 until 1941 (serial numbers below 357860 and with no letters).  Colts made from 1956 until another cease in production in 1974 are called  “Second Generation” (serial numbers in the range from 0001SA to 73319SA).   Yet a “Third Generation”  Single Action Army models (.45 Colt, .44 Special, .44-40 and .357 Magnum) were offered in 1976 after the company developed newer equipment and production techniques.   Once again, in 1981, Colt dropped production, and for some time these legendary revolvers were available only as an expensive collectibles.  At the present time, Colt again offers these guns as regular products, in the .45LC, .357Mag and .44-40, and in all standard barrel lengths.

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